Introducing the Virtual Tailor Fitting Room

Same Space.

New Possibilities.

The Virtual Tailor Fitting Room gives apparel retailers a unique, in-store experience for customers. With its low-profile design, Virtual Tailor can be installed in an existing fitting room at a much lower cost than traditional 3D body scanners and without the need to modify store layout.

Personalized Fit Profiles

Virtual Tailor uses depth sensors to capture over a million data points and construct a virtual 3D model of the customer in an instant. From that 3D model, it then takes dozens of measurements to deliver personalized fit insights.

Fit Recommendations for Customers

Virtual Tailor uses body measurements, clothing data, and customer preference to determine how well a given garment will fit. It can tell a customer their best size in a given product, recommend similar products that might fit even better, or recommend products and styles that would work best for the individual.

Retail Insights for Retailers

Virtual Tailor includes a cloud-based storage solution that securely stores customer data. With real body measurement data, Virtual Tailor takes retail data analytics to the next level. This data helps drive product development, manage inventory, and improve existing targeted marketing efforts.