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Introducing Virtual Tailor

We believe traditional sizes are a thing of the past.

Using 3D scanning technology and data analytics,

the size is you.

Virtual Tailor takes the guess work out of apparel sizing.

Virtual Tailor can also take any body measurement needed for made-to-measure apparel.

How It Works

Virtual Tailor converts existing fittings rooms into virtual fitting rooms that capture customer measurements and creates a personalized fit profile in seconds. Customers can use the Virtual Tailor App for sizing recommendations as they shop in-store. Customers can continue their shopping experience online with their fit profile to ensure they get the right fit, reducing fit-related returns.

Virtual Tailor for Footwear measures your customer's feet to help recommend the best fitting shoes.

Omnichannel Fit Recommendations

Virtual Tailor integrates into any e-commerce platform to give customers fit insights when they shop online. Once customers are measured with Virtual Tailor, they can shop online and get detailed fit information directly on product pages.